Room and Board Fee Hikes cause Problems for American College Students


Most parents and students in the United States are already aware of the huge problems that can arise from the crippling tuition fees that are often charged for those who want to further their education. The cost of education past High School have risen to a point where some people decide not to go onto further education and instead find work, simply because it is not financially viable for them to study even with the availability of grants and financial aid. Some parents cannot afford to send their kids on to college or university, again because of the financial implications of doing so.

College DormOver recent years, the cost of tuition in colleges around America has rocketed leaving would-be students with fewer and fewer options when it comes to furthering their education. However, a recent report has revealed that it is no longer just the cost of tuition and colleges and universities in America that is having a negative impact on the ability of students to further their education but also the rocketing cost of accommodation and meals for those who have to leave home in order to go to college.

Room and board costs higher than tuition costs

Students who are able to stay at home with their parents and attend a college that is pretty local to them can avoid the issue of rising room and board costs. However, for those who do have to leave home to study the problem appears to be getting out of hand. In fact, figures show that in some areas the cost of accommodation and board for a student can actually come to more than the cost of tuition. Furthermore, these costs are said to be rising rapidly, which will further widen the gap between living costs and tuition costs.

For example, students who attend Ohio State University and who require room and board during their time could end up paying more for accommodation and meals than they do for the tuition itself. The cost of the most popular room and board plan at the university for the current academic year is more than $11.600 while the cost of tuition for that same period at the university comes to just over $10,000.

Officials have pointed out that the gap between living costs and tuition costs in the United States actually used to be wider than it is now. According to data this is because the cost of tuition has rocketed by over 200 percent over the past few decades while the cost of room and board has risen by just 60 percent. That said, colleges in some states across America are said to be hiking room and board costs at a lightning pace. Data shows that between 2009 and 2014 the cost of tuition in the United States increased by around 13 percent at private 4-year educational facilities. However, during the same period the cost of room and board increased by around 17 percent.


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